Carpet Cleaning London LTD LogoCarpet Cleaning London LTD is a company in the field of domestic and office sanitation. Our main goals is to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction and to provide people with affordable services. So far we have exceeded our own expectations as we are one of the popular names in the business. Our wide array of services greatly contributes to our success as there is hardly a situation we won’t get you out of when you are in need of cleaning assistance.

We believe that low prices do not mean sloppy service.

Quite the opposite, we suggest that customers should be able to get the best value for their money. In this sense overpaying even for good cleaning services is pointless.

All of our cleaners are trained internally by experts with tremendous experience and we pay close attention to our workers’ social skills. Our customers are treated with respect and should always enjoy working with our cleaners. Our goal is to leave you in a good mood after our job is done. We are not huge fans of all the formalities and cold business attitude but you can be sure that the project will be completed within the deadlines and with all the focus and diligence needed.

We constantly improve our cleaning machinery and supplies.

Our company is trying to be as “green” as possible in order to preserve the environment. Steam cleaning technology is our main tool and it is also incredibly effective for all sorts of carpet, hard floor, upholstery and other professional cleaning jobs. Also our steam cleaning will never harm the finish or the fabric. We have strong machines which will rid you of all sorts of dust and other harmful particles residing within the fabric.

We also have flexible hours and try to be as accessible as we can, so that you can contact us any time of the day. Part of our culture is being convenient in order to make sure the customer can get their cleaning services right on time and exactly when needed the most. We will not alter your schedule in any way and will gladly come on a short notice if needed. We can be of excellent help for after-party clean ups or office sanitation over weekends or bank holidays.